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Absent of clear strategy, whatever we do is useless, regardless of scope and expense. We think of strategy as the skeleton around which the rest of our effort develops and without which our work risks becoming a shapeless, functionless mass of well-designed nothing.

  • Research & Data

  • Branding & Positioning

  • Public Relations

  • Inbound Marketing

  • User Research & Testing

  • SEO / SEM


It used to be easier to talk about content (even though we really didn’t call it that back then). It was television, radio, print, or out of home. Now it’s all of those and much more. In fact, it’s fair to say that content has a potentially unlimited number of forms.

  • Copywriting

  • Social Media

  • Interactive Media

  • Motion Design

  • Illustration

  • Photography & Video


While it’s tempting for companies to pay short shrift to design in the interest of saving money, it is unwise to underestimate its value. Look as far as your Apple product, your favorite automobile, or the clothes you wear for proof. You might also want to read this.

  • Visual Design

  • UX Design

  • Video Production

  • Information Architecture

  • Editorial Design

  • Environmental Design


Ours is a world of speed-of-light information, the complete envelopment of data, and the wherewithal to market not just to a Prizm cluster, but to an actual person with a name. That’s what technology has made, and continues to make possible. It doesn’t take an asteroid; if you ignore technology you will marginalize yourself into extinction.

  • Application Development

  • Web Development

  • Enterprise CMS

  • Inbound Marketing

  • eCommerce

  • CRM

Disciplines & Teams


First and foremost, the designers, art directors, and copywriters who make up the Creative Department are committed to being stewards of our clients’ brands. That means each of us is accountable to the brands we represent and is responsible for maintaining a consistent look, feel, tone, and manner in everything we create. We are also responsible for developing engaging, memorable, and effective creative concepts designed to meet client Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and grow their businesses.

Usually working in groups of two or more, our teams create everything from brand identities, digital advertising executions, website designs, traditional advertising campaigns, internal marketing efforts, and more. Each creative effort starts with not just understanding the given assignment, but also having a clear understanding of the problem we’re trying to solve. That way, we can be sure we’re not simply creating branding or advertising pieces, we’re delivering effective enterprize solutions.

Brand Strategy & Development

Cayenne works with companies in all stages of their development, from startups to mature corporations. We conduct research, develop new brands whole cloth, and reinvigorate tired ones. As students of the art of branding and communications, we help companies with all aspects of marketing from environmental branding, to internal brand engagement, to smartly branded external communications. We are firm believers that organizations have myriad opportunities to touch their audiences and do so in a manner consistent with their essential brands. We’re prepared to help across that spectrum of opportunity.

Account Management

Account managers at Cayenne are the primary points of contact between the agency and our clients and are responsible for the management and success of the overall client/agency relationship. These highly skilled professionals are our clients’ advocates within the agency. We think of them as shepherds, beholden to the client to help guide them through the agency relationship and the projects we undertake with them. In addition to being this critical liaison between agency and client, the Cayenne account managers offer strategic guidance to their clients, and invest time in being appropriately educated on each client’s industry.

Account managers guide the development of work at the agency from inception to completion, and bring together internal departments as appropriate to tackle any challenge. Problem solvers by nature, Cayenne account managers craft project briefs with client input and approval so that all members of the internal and external teams are moving shoulder-to-shoulder toward the same objectives.

We believe in collaborative, client/agency partnership, for those are the relationships that deliver the most effective work. Consequently, our account managers develop long-standing relationships with their clients, and take pride in understanding their unique challenges and

goals. They are able to deliver agency resources to provide effective marketing solutions that positively impact our clients’ business interests.


Media Relations

Cayenne’s Public Relations Department coordinates outreach to print/digital, broadcast, radio, blogging journalists, and influencers in order to obtain coverage in markets around the country. Before the outreach can begin, we craft the message that best conveys the story the client needs to tell. Our approach is surgical. Media relations is about knowing the story and knowing the medium that can tell that story most effectively. Cayenne’s PR team crafts a plan of approach for ideal coverage and individual pitches likely to be most effective in garnering coverage from ideal outlets or individuals. Additionally, Cayenne conducts media training to equip client spokespersons to share their news confidently and skillfully, when needed.



Social Media

As with every effort we undertake, Cayenne begins social media efforts by developing a comprehensive strategy. This custom social media guidebook serves as the foundation for

finding and engaging with a brand’s audiences within social channels. Taking key audiences and brand goals into account, we define objectives, solidify the brand’s voice on social media, recommend content types, and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by channel. This guide can be used to direct internal or external resources, meaning that it can be used to guide a brand’s in-house social media team, Cayenne’s team or another agency.

Cayenne’s comprehensive social media execution includes content creation, posting, channel monitoring and maintaining, audience engagement, and monthly reporting. Monthly content is provided in advance for client review and approval.



Inbound Marketing

Cayenne develops digital inbound marketing strategies designed to lead potential customers down an intentional path to purchase. We employ various levels of technology in order to serve content such as blogs, case studies, white papers, infographics, newsletters, and other items to our clients’ prospects, based on their search behaviors, pain points, and other online interactions.

Our process begins with identifying various audience personas and customer journeys so that we can deliver relevant content to leads as they move along the path to purchase. Our strategies delve into the various stages of a buyer’s journey and align those stages with inbound marketing processes, clients’ measures of success, and the specific content assets used to advance the buyer from awareness, through interest, to conversion. Our inbound strategies typically identify specific pain points or triggering events our clients’ audiences are most likely to research online, and deliver against those triggers.



The Cayenne Media Department works to identify consumer insights through research and brand intelligence. Working hand-in-hand with other Cayenne departments, the media team develops the most effective and cost-efficient methods for delivering against communications objectives through media planning, negotiation, buying, and campaign analysis.

Our media team has extensive experience with television, radio, print, out-of-home, and digital – virtually any channel where advertising can be purchased. Cayenne media team members are all Google certified in search, display, mobile, video, shopping, and analytics, and work hard to procure optimal advertising placements in order to generate highly successful client campaigns.


Crisis Communications

Cayenne’s public relations professionals work hand-in-hand with clients and their legal teams to communicate clearly and appropriately during times of crisis. This effort generally takes two forms: crisis communication plans and crisis communication strategies. Crisis communication plans prepare a team in advance for potential crises. Crisis communication strategies are real time, hands-on help navigating actual crises as they unfold.

Cayenne is adept at taking into account the potential consequences of messaging on each of a brand’s different audiences. In a day and time when “no comment” implies guilt, each audience requires a distinct response based on that audience’s likely concerns and motivations. Cayenne plays a key role along with organization leadership and their legal representation to develop and deliver the appropriate messages.


Digital Development

Cayenne’s development team has tackled everything from robust websites requiring multiple third-party integrations and ADA certification, to web applications, to digital factory tours. In this highly digital world in which we live, being able to deliver information through the internet via a broad range of digital tools is the name of the game.

Working closely with our inbound marketing specialists, designers, writers, account staff, media team, and social media folks, our dev team builds tools that move the needle for our clients. While we prefer to build custom sites on a WordPress platform, we are platform agnostic, and seek first to create a tool that best serves the client.

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