Alabama Power Company Wins at the Hermes Creative Awards

Written on October 18, 2022

At Cayenne, we celebrate the wins, especially when that win is awarded to the celebration of great culture.

Alabama Power Company has been recognized by the Hermes Creative Awards for work supporting their Council on Culture and Inclusion (CCI). Alabama Power took Gold for the 2021 CCI Strategic Report and Platinum for their CCI Internal Campaign.

The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept and design of marketing programs. Winners are chosen from an international stage of competitors vying for the chance to be recognized for their creative work. 


Alabama Power Company is Golden 

In 2018, Alabama Power founded the Council on Culture and Inclusion (CCI) to help ensure the culture at Alabama Power Company is built on inclusion, respect and fairness. 

With more than 6,000 employees, Alabama Power knows what unites them all is a desire to be represented, respected and encouraged in their growth paths–whatever those may be.

To that, the CCI produces an annual Strategic Report celebrating the culture of Alabama Power. Its purpose is to raise awareness of the council and its mission, share efforts accomplished during the year and outline future plans. 


Power of We

Alabama Power’s CCI has produced an annual report for the past 3 years, and sought out Cayenne Creative to assist in its creation. The goal? To reinforce CCI’s message and priorities, and to demonstrate the impact of their work over the past year.

Alabama Power prioritizes diversity, equity and inclusion, to the benefit of their customers as well as employees. Greater representation within their workforce enables them to leverage the talents of all employees, leading to greater collaboration and responsiveness to their customers.

Through CCI, Alabama Power has a powerful force at work, strengthening company culture by making employees feel welcomed, included, respected and treated fairly.

The report speaks to Alabama Power’s commitment to fostering an inclusive community, working to remove barriers and creating equitable opportunities for their employees. 


Our Process

Cayenne’s goal was to reinforce CCI’s message and priorities, and to demonstrate the impact of their work over the past year.

Our work began with listening and then research. We conducted interviews, researched previous impact and assessed current impact.

We established the following project goals/client KPIs:

We collaborated with the client to articulate and display substantive action being taken throughout their key focus areas. Our design team leveraged complex data visualization experience to reveal a cultural snapshot of the company. 

The result was a campaign and report that dynamically displayed the mission, values and overall contributions of Alabama Power’s Council on Culture and Inclusion. 

Alabama Power’s CCI campaign made employees feel supported, encouraged, and valued. As your business grows towards a more equitable and inclusive culture, recognize those accomplishments. Let’s celebrate the wins together.