Railroad Park



  • Fundraising: Cayenne assisted the Railroad Park Foundation in exceeding its fundraising goals. Key to this effort was a signature event during which we lit up Birmingham’s skyline with hot air balloons, offering brief tethered rides for potential patrons so that they might rise up to see the entire park and, more importantly, the revived area around it.

  • Social Engagement: Cayenne grew Railroad Park’s Instagram following organically from 1,000 to 21,000 within an 18 month period. Similarly though organic growth the Twitter audience doubled from 18,000 to 36,000, and the Facebook audience grew from 28,000 to 33,500. Beyond the girth of that audience is the degree to which it engages with and shares Railroad Park’s content. Eighty percent of Railroad Park’s monthly Facebook impressions are viral, which means the content moves well beyond the brand’s direct audience and into the news feeds of followers’ connections.

  • Event Attendance: Railroad Park has exceeded year-over-year event attendance for every park event.



Railroad Park opened in September 2010 and brought a level of vitality to downtown Birmingham that has had multi-billion dollar consequences. Regions Field opened in 2013, followed by more breweries, new apartment complexes, restaurants, and the holy grail of urban living: a grocery store. Railroad Park was the first domino, twenty years in the making, that spurred all of that development. The challenge then became: how do we maintain a level of new activity; how do we keep the conversation in the public eye?


Cayenne first worked to develop a voice for Railroad Park (both visual and verbal) that helped communicate the overall wonder the park provides to its visitors.  We then shifted the park’s social media program from announcements of free exercise classes and the like, to being a news source for developments in Birmingham, bragging on area parks and cultural entities, and representing best practices in urban land use worldwide.



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