What do the Titans of industry need from us?

Well, pie, of course. When Birmingham based, Brookmont Realty sought to connect with real estate development power brokers in New York, LA, and Chicago, they came to us for ideas. Refining sales collateral and presentation materials were all part of the expected (and necessary) package, but this was a tough audience to crack. You can imagine that billionaire developers see a lot of pitch materials and are extremely hard to impress, much less surprise. So that’s what we did. Surprise them rather than pitch them. Imagine receiving a pie from Alabama delivered to your strategic planning meeting on Madison Avenue. The card attached did not tout our client’s experience, expertise or even their impressive track record. It simply talked about the importance of open conversation, the power of respectful, genuine, open and honest conversations – the kind of conversations that families have at table, over a shared piece of pie. The kind of conversation Brookmont has with its clients.

How do you mark 15 years? With a not-so-simple “Thank You.”

Thank you is a currency of its own. Thank you is an energy that grows friendships. Thank you is sustainable and replicable and eternal. Thank you gives more than it gets. Thank you is humbling. Thank you should be given freely, without compunction, and without strings attached. And it should be shared.