CORE Real Estate Website

New York City… it’s a big place. Living in the big apple is a goal for a lot of people, but where do you start? And the biggest challenge;How do we portray — over the internet — the pure emotion of what these beautiful New York properties can evoke? We create an art gallery. A living, dynamic, ever molding art gallery. Take what is usually a tedious task of searching through thousands of properties, strip away the unnecessary bits and bobs and err on the side of elegance. We find a way to have a robust search mechanism that allows even the most novice user to quickly and easily find a place to call home, all the while allowing each property, neighborhood or agent to tell a visual story. With the CORE Real Estate website, we’ve done just that.

Every detail accounted for.

A great visual journey starts with great content. With CORE, we have no shortage. From gorgeous lifestyle, real estate and cityscape photography, extensive reasearch-driven facts and statistics about each neighborhood, property and agent, to custom made interactive maps and icons — a strong foundation of substance supports the clean, art gallery site design.

Elegantly simple; surprisingly robust.

Don’t let the clean, art gallery style fool you — the CORE Real Estate website is a complete powerhouse. Whether you’re narrowing down your search for the perfect agent using the snappy filtering system, exploring New York’s neighborhoods with in-depth and real time statistics, diving into the extensive knowledge base that flows from the blog or simply finding a place to call home — you would be hard pressed to find a more easy-to-use platform, especially one that looks this good.