UAB Women & Infants Services



  • OB/GYN New Patient Volume:
    • 54% March monthly increase year-over-year
    • 44% 2nd quarter increase (year-over-year)
    • 54% 3rd quarter increase (year-over-year
  • Appointments (Feb – Jun) OB/GYN – 307 (compared with 123 YOY)
  • OB/GYN practice added (3) OB/GYNs.
  • NICU at full census within one month
  • OB/GYN clinical practice full within 3 months



UAB Medicine invested $180M in a 630,000 sf facility comprising the full range of women’s and infants’ services from OB/GYN to NICU. In order for the center to be profitable, UAB needed to substantially grow their patient base for regular OB /GYN services. Though UAB Hospital has been around since the ‘40s, competing for women’s services has not been a strength. In Birmingham, the lion’s share of labor and delivery belonged to St. Vincent’s Hospital, while Brookwood hospital dominated basic obstetrics. Rightly, UAB reckoned that women make care decision based on the advice of their OB / GYN, and that those decisions were long-lasting. Women who were used to being treated by a given healthcare provider were most likely to bring their families to that same provider down the road. Our goal was to grow the OB / GYN market share.



The plan for the integrated campaign was extensive and required spot-on timing in order for us to achieve top-of-mind awareness in our audience when the facility opened. We segregated our audience in to different “life-parts” recognizing that you do not speak to a 20-something woman looking for a GYN in the same way you speak to an octogenarian suffering from post-menopausal challenges.

A broad range of media elements were used to: raise awareness, encourage walking tours, and encourage trial through appointments. All traditional and non-traditional elements were used to push audience to a microsite that featured robust information about the new center. Elements were targeted to women at all phases of their lives.



  • Unconventional Media
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Print
  • Out-of-Home
  • Environmental (on site in the hospital)
  • Paid search
  • Online display
  • Social

No matter where life takes you, one thing that never changes is your need for the best in women’s healthcare. So UAB Women & Infants Services is there for it all. Providing an exceptional level of care at every stage of your life. With the specialists to handle anything life might throw at you. From the simple to the complex. The everyday to the unexpected. Your life’s journey can be filled with excitement and uncertainty. Which is why it’s so important to have a partner like UAB Women & Infants Services to be there with you. Every step of the way.