Bring something extra to the party

That was not in the brief, but in retrospect, that was the brief. From chips to pretzels to cheese curls, Golden Flake has been part of the party for over 90 years. But in the hotly contested and growing market for tortilla chips, the felt like they needed a little more excitement. As background, Golden Flake had only sought outside assistance with package design twice in the company’s long history. Once in the early 90’s. And, this engagement with Cayenne. No pressure, right? Like we always do, we listened intently before rushing in. What we heard was this: The brand’s leadership was very comfortable with who Golden Flake was and what the brand stood for. But, for this effort, they wanted something that both resonated with their vision for the brand, but also pushed beyond their comfort zone. Something that stood out, not only from the competition, but also from their own product line.