Birmingham Education Foundation



  • $3.2M+ raised
  • Zero to broad brand awareness
  • Sustainable ongoing brand



Birmingham’s city school system is and has been challenged for some time. Efforts over the years to fix its problems have failed spectacularly. Nevertheless, in 2011, the stars seemed to align around an excellent new superintendent, a capable school board president, an atmosphere of optimism in the business community, and research that showed that parents in the affected communities desperately wanted change. The Birmingham Education Foundation, an independent not-for-profit foundation, was formed with the goal of raising capital to assist in initiating transformative and catalytic programs being proposed by the new superintendent, and to serve as the voice of the communities served by the school system. As with UAB, extensive and strategic research had shed light on the needs, beliefs, and attitudes of the audience.


We branded the foundation, “Ed” to make it more approachable and to give it some attitude. By personifying the brand, we were able to personalize the voice for change and inspire community members as well as business, civic, and even national leaders. By making sure that Ed is always transparent, candid, and straightforward, we’ve been able to thwart much of the skepticism in the community and to act as a counter-voice to the negativity of the Birmingham School Board. We employed the visual mnemonic of a red desk as a means of getting leaders to volunteer – to raise their hands and be part of the solution. The desk was also used in guerrilla tactics for which we placed the desk in strategic locations with collateral educating passers by on the efforts being undertaken by the school system and Ed.


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