Workshops, Inc. Selected for Year of Free Advertising Agency Services

Written on November 13, 2019

Cayenne Creative has selected Workshops, Inc. as its 2020 recipient of the Fire in the Belly (FITB) Initiative. FITB is an annual initiative wherein the agency selects one Birmingham non-profit organization to provide free advertising agency services for a year.

Forty-five non-profit organizations submitted applications through the Cayenne Creative website from late August through mid-September 2019. Cayenne’s employees researched the organizations, reviewed their submissions, and voted. Ultimately the agency employees chose to work with Workshops, which helps people with disabilities and other employment barriers find jobs and achieve their vocational potential.

“We are excited and honored to be selected as the Fire in the Belly client for 2020,” said Susan Crow, executive director of Workshops, Inc. “We celebrate 120 years of serving the Birmingham community next year. We have a small staff, but a huge passion for what we do, and we know that Cayenne Creative will be a game-changer in helping us share our story.”

“If you want some inspiration, just sit with the executive director of almost any non-profit in this city, and ask them about the people they serve,” said Dan Monroe, Cayenne partner. “This year we received applications from so many worthy non-profits that are contributing in incredible ways. We found passion and dedication at work all around this city. Non-profits often lack the marketing support that they need to tell their stories, which is the driving force behind the FITB effort. Workshops’ mission and presentation really resonated with our team, and, frankly, we can’t wait to get started.”

“We’ve worked with Workshops for years as a vendor,” said Dan Murch, a partner at Cayenne Creative. “In our industry they are well known as the go-to group for hand-work on custom production jobs or other bespoke projects we design that can’t be finished by a printer at volume. We knew they had a dedicated crew, but we didn’t know the extent of their impact. I was struck—and I think the rest of the team was, too—by the stories of individuals who’ve found meaning and belonging through their program. They value diversity and teamwork and collaboration. This will be such a good fit for us. I think every department in the shop looked at them and saw ways we can all plug in and contribute.”

“Our goal with FITB is to provide one organization with the means to thrive,” said Sam Burn, Cayenne partner. “Our first step is to meet and determine their needs and their goals. We come in with marketing strategy, fundraising strategy, branding expertise, public relations, web development, digital media, guerrilla tactics—whatever they need to reach the people who can make a difference for their organization. We are their partner for a year to raise awareness, raise funds or increase community involvement.”

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