The Power of Design No. 2: Moleskine

Written on December 4, 2012

The Moleskine journal. Who doesn’t love the look and feel of these simple, elegant books? The size is appealing. At 8.25″ X 5.25″, the quintessential Moleskine is very nearly designed according to the golden ratio. So we human beings are preprogrammed to like its shape. But, let’s be honest – there are less expensive alternatives in the market – journals that adhere to the same size principles. In fact, I used to use a knock-off, fabric-covered one. It was OK. It was bound, with paper, and even had the little elastic strap that kept it closed. And it was the same size. But I only liked it. I didn’t love it. And I love the Moleskine journals, God help me. So, what makes them so different?

Yup. Design.

In all aspects, The Moleskine is well designed. The leather cover gives you the sense that what you fill the book with will be of substance. And there are other details that set the Moleskine apart: there’s the first page inside that allows you to offer a finder a reward in case you lose it. There’s the small brand pamphlet, simply printed and tucked inside the back pocket. And there’s the clean, simple label that wraps the cover. The entire package is well considered and designed to please the eye. The book feels substantial. It delivers the weight of a strong brand and the feeling of enduring value. It has gravitas. It has the power of great design behind it.

Now… it’s just up to me to put something in it that is as valuable as the journal itself!

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