When Fonts Mosh

Written on November 3, 2011

Let me first disclaim this entry: I am a writer. I don’t spend my days evaluating typefaces. But, in my defense, I have spent many years now working with designers. So, I have developed a few font-snobbish traits.

For instance, when our friend, Leo Blumberg, pointed us to this article [Avería, A Free Typeface Made by Averaging 725 Fonts Together] I was prepared for an epic typographical Frankenstein. In fact, I was prepared to do some hating. But I found myself somehow drawn in to Avería’s simplicity. It has the feel of an old chiseled font that has been printed on felt. It has softened. Warmed.

The squared off edges of the writer’s quill long used without sharpening. An uprightness that feels naive.

The developer calls it the “average” font. I concur. It’s average in the way a friendly neighbor seems average. It’s average like a grilled cheese sandwich and tomato soup. I like it. I don’t know why. And I certainly don’t know how I feel about the unfettered mating of fonts. But I like Avería.

So… the writer has said his piece. Now let the designers weigh in.