The F.I.T.B. Initiative

Written on July 6, 2010

The FITB Initiative

Downloadable FITB Initiative Application

At Cayenne Creative we’re all about fire. Passion. When we formed the company the inspiration for our name was the notion that we all were passionate about the work we do. We called it “fire in the belly,” and “F.I.T.B.” became our battle cry, our mantra. It also became a litmus test. It’s how we evaluate our work. It’s how we challenge our team. It’s one way we evaluate our strategic partners. So we decided to take this passion and channel it in a novel way of selecting and helping not-for-profit companies. To accomplish that goal, we created the F.I.T.B. Initiative.

Here at Cayenne we are approached regularly about helping not-for-profit companies that truly need what we do best: they have a critical shortage of effective communications material. Through our F.I.T.B. Initiative, Cayenne selects a single not-for-profit client to work with for an entire year. We do a total brand engagement addressing all of those long-overlooked communications projects. And we ask a number of our vendors to join us so that we might be able to offer discounted printing, broadcast and production services. When we team up with vendors, those powerful partnerships allow us to produce incredible work and really make a difference for our chosen pro bono clients. Think about it: when we select one not-for-profit client each year, and pull out all the stops– really seeking to move the needle – we are exponentially more effective.

Hands On Birmingham

In 2009, we selected Hands On Birmingham as the inaugural beneficiary of the F.I.T.B. Initiative. Hands On Birmingham makes it easy to volunteer for other organizations. It’s the group you call when you have only a couple of hours available to volunteer or when you have an entire group of people who want to volunteer together. No matter the situation, they have an ongoing database of projects and volunteer opportunities. We realized that, in helping them, we’d be helping most of the other not-for-profit organizations in the area.

Over the course of the year we re-designed their corporate identity, stationary suite, developed a print advertising campaign, and conceived of a novel methodology for fundraising. Bottom line – we were able to offer up a set of solutions that could have cost Hands On Birmingham more than a year’s worth of their entire operating budget had they pursued that work at market price. They win with a superb, integrated marketing effort. We win because we give back and see real results. And, of course, the Birmingham community wins because more folks are volunteering. And that’s an initiative we can feel passionate about.


Cayenne Creative is seeking a not-for-profit that has real passion for what they do and is in need of a marketing make over. The deadline to apply for the 2010 F.I.T.B Initiative is July 31, 2010. If your organization is interested in being considered, please fill out an application and send it to Dan Monroe at [email protected].