We work in print, digital, and cast iron.

As part of an integrated campaign from Altec designed around celebrating the vital, but difficult work of those who use Altec equipment, we also crafted this: A cast-iron award to sing the praises of the unsung. This trophy is awarded to the men and women who do the difficult, sometimes dangerous, and always unheralded work of restoring power after natural disasters. They are the first in after tornadoes and hurricanes lay a community low. They are dedicated to serving others. And Altec is dedicated to serving them. Every piece of marketing material we create says that. But, we also know that nothing says it quite like saying face-to-face, with a firm handshake, and a hefty chunk of cast iron.

Rather than produce printed pieces that would wear and tear in the manufacturing environment, the Altec team decided to create an app that would streamline the tour process and showcase highlighted areas of expertise within the plant.