July 7, 2010 | Uncategorized

More “Buzz-by-Oops” from Apple

We’ll know by this afternoon if this is the real deal. In addition to technology, Apple has mastered “buzz-by-oops.” The rules are simple: 1. Leak something ostensibly proprietary and exciting. 2. Play coy. 3. Listen as the buzz reaches a Caruso-like tenor. 4. Reap the benefits of the buzz when you come to market. Brilliant…. Read More

July 6, 2010 | Uncategorized

The F.I.T.B. Initiative

The FITB Initiative Downloadable FITB Initiative Application At Cayenne Creative we’re all about fire. Passion. When we formed the company the inspiration for our name was the notion that we all were passionate about the work we do. We called it “fire in the belly,” and “F.I.T.B.” became our battle cry, our mantra. It also… Read More

July 1, 2010 | Uncategorized

Expectations: An Exercise in Marksmanship. Aim High. Shoot Higher.

It took me entirely too much of my adult life to discover the following blinding flash of the obvious (those of you who’ve already incorporated the following simple human truth into your lives, forgive & ignore). So, here it is: My successes almost always result from my deliberate or accidental successful management of other people’s… Read More