November 11, 2010 | Interactive, Hot Stuff, Design

Sophisticated Font Control Coming to the E-World

As this post on Cnet details: [], we’re finally gaining some more sophisticated control over the typefaces we use online. Yes, the arcane world of leading, kerning and ligatures is finding it’s way into the plasma light of 21st-century communications. This is good news for sure when it comes to site development. But it also marks… Read More

November 3, 2010 | Design

Depression-Era Murals on Display in Birmingham. Cool.

Depression-era murals from 1939 Alabama State Fair going on display at Birmingham Library – The Birmingham News The other day, we were discussing how we wished there were more visual stimuli here in Birmingham. One of our owners, Dan Murch, relocated here from San Francisco. As he pointed out, a walk down the street for… Read More