March 4, 2011 | Interactive, Hot Stuff

a p p for the a.d.d.

More than once, I’ve told a young art director or copywriter, eagerly showing their book, ready to conquer the world, “Look, you’re about to entire and entire industry run mostly by people with A.D.D.” It’s true. That art director might have a bangup book. But if you don’t need an art director at the time,… Read More

February 26, 2011 | Advertising

A Creative Triple Bottom Line

Matt Ingwalson of KarshHagan is onto something in his blog when he talks of each creative brief having 3 problems hidden in it. Matt goes on to say that the client’s problem is that the advertising must work. (#1) If the agency consistently fails to solve this one, they lose the client. The second problem… Read More