August 13, 2012 | Advertising, Hot Stuff, Design, Branding

The Power of Design: No. 1 in a Series

A writer by trade, I work with designers and art directors. I’m frequently amazed at the amount of time we spend designing a piece of communication. To be perfectly candid, I have wondered in the past if the result was worth the effort. Think about it, does the average person value well-made typography? Does the… Read More

May 19, 2012 | Advertising, Branding

The “B” Word

My bank and client, Oakworth Capital Bank, invited me to a day-long sales seminar conducted by Jack Daly. The invite was no surprise; we’d been enlisted to create the invitations and supporting collateral. At Cayenne, we’d never heard of Jack Daly, but we did our homework. I confess, based on what we learned about him,… Read More

November 3, 2011 | Design

When Fonts Mosh

Let me first disclaim this entry: I am a writer. I don’t spend my days evaluating typefaces. But, in my defense, I have spent many years now working with designers. So, I have developed a few font-snobbish traits. For instance, when our friend, Leo Blumberg, pointed us to this article [Avería, A Free Typeface Made… Read More