Your life is transitive… except for the part of you that lives on in the eternalnet.

Written on May 2, 2011

There’s a guy in our office who got a birthday card from a friend of his. It was one of those automated birthday greetings people send out on Facebook that have a little avatar birthday cake and a cheerful wish, “Have a happy birthday, Burt!!!!!” The glitch is this: she’s no longer with us.

Apparently, she went on to be in a better place, but her Facebook persona didn’t make the transition.

Think about it – what happens to your social networking you after the social real world you has bitten the dust? iYou could be around… well… as long as Facebook, or LinkedIn, or Myspace, or whatever sort of e-social crack you’re addicted to is around. We could be talking about centuries, here, people. So, we say, keep it happening. Automate those messages, folks! Pre-load those Tweets. Give those little social e-gifts that keep on giving! And, for heaven’s sake, stock up on silage so your Farmville cows will have something to eat.

In fact, as suggested by one of the members of the Cayenne team: mount a camera in your coffin that takes a snapshot of your face every week or so. That way your profile pic stays current.

Like the guy over at Elmwood says, “I’m diggin it.”

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