Here’s to Courageous Clients

Written on December 16, 2010

holiday card using viral web techniques

One of our clients, Bradley Arant Boult Cummings, an esteemed law firm with offices all over the Southeast and in D.C., recently reposed a very special faith and trust in us as their advertising agency. It all began with holiday cards. You would not believe the number of holiday cards that have to go out for a 200-300 person law firm. These are well-respected men and women with many, many contacts. So, a couple of years ago, BABC decided to move away from the environmentally and fiscally expensive printed cards to an electronic format.

Now, at Cayenne, we always like to offer up options. Sometimes they vary based on cost. But they also often vary based on how much they’re going to push a client from their comfort zone.

Back in 2009, we offered Bradley Arant Boult Cummings three versions – an A, a B and a Z version. We knew Z was a stretch… but it was one of those notions that was so much fun, you just had to show it to them. They chose B, a version that was smart, but fairly safe. We were cool with that. Even so, they were intrigued by Z – a thing we were calling the Unobjectionalble Holiday Card Generator. They liked it… but they weren’t ready for it. Then. However, thanks to one of the attorneys and a sharp BABC marketing department, we were encouraged to continue work on the Card Generator and present it again. Click forward to now and lo and behold – the BABC Unobjectionable Holiday Card Generator is born – approved and executed!!

It’s early yet… but the early reviews are glowing. One respondent, (who happens to be an attorney), used the words “sheer brilliance.” I like those words!

This year during the holidays, in addition to toasting a year of hard work, my family’s good health, my friends, my dog and auld lang syne, I intend to hoist a glass to the hutzpah of the attorneys at BABC. Thanks, folks for letting us do this. It was fun and I believe deep down that, in addition to generating “unobjectionable holiday cards”  this clever little bit of holiday fun will also be generating goodwill a-plenty.

p.s. if you play with it… please be sure to check out the fine print.

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