Depression-Era Murals on Display in Birmingham. Cool.

Written on November 3, 2010

Depression-era murals from 1939 Alabama State Fair going on display at Birmingham Library – The Birmingham News

The other day, we were discussing how we wished there were more visual stimuli here in Birmingham. One of our owners, Dan Murch, relocated here from San Francisco. As he pointed out, a walk down the street for a cup of coffee in San Fran was inspiring – particularly in our line of work. There were cool ads, cool marketing approaches, tons of cool art work, cool people… In other words, who needed a bialy to go with your coffee when you knew you’d fill up on eye candy on the way back to the shop?

The fabric of our environment often becomes either warp or weave of what we create. Birmingham tends to run a little shy of that sort of inspiration. In fact, we usually have to hunt and peck a little bit for what might pass as cool in SF. But, there are occasional gems that shouldn’t be missed. Maybe not quite the same as the coolest newest Nike graphics, but inspirational nonetheless – and cool in their own right.  So, pack up your eyeballs sometime between this Saturday and the end of the year and take a jaunt down to the Birmingham Public Library for a look at what was served up as “cool” at the 1939 Alabama State Fair. If the example shown is any indication, this is one of those situations where  old might have circled right back around to cool.

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