A drizzled Monday. Morning starts with brand haikus. Do you want to play?

Written on November 15, 2010

Our Director of Interactive Services, Jason Hill, found this interesting post: Brand Haiku: Apple. Looked like a good way to jumpstart the pumpkin, so we had a go. The notion is to create a Haiku around a brand experience. We turned the exercise inward to see what our perception of our own brand might be. Here are a couple of ours; (now show us yours). By the way, this is also Twittering along at #haiku


Crafting hot forged brands

In an old steel pouring town

Cayenne Creative


Great minds hot brands make.

At Cayenne, the real test is

fire in the belly

P.S. Time permitting, we’ll post a few that reflect some of our own favorite brands.

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