GapBody Fit, An Exercise in Faith Renewal

Written on October 14, 2010

I’d begun to lose my faith in GAP. You know, a little more than a decade ago, they were doing absolutely incredible things managing their brand. But sometime between then and now, they lost their way. Then there was this whole logo fiasco [see: GAP: CROWDSOURCING? OR DAMAGE CONTROL? 10.7.10 and GAP PART DEUX: THE WORK OF LOGO DESIGN 10.11.10] So I’ve certainly begun to wonder… is this company floating around without a brand skipper out there? Or do they still have some sense of direction?

Here’s a great entry regarding a well-considered logo for a GAP’s women’s exercise apparel line. While I can’t say my faith in GAP’s ability to navigate their own branded waters is completely renewed, I do think they and their chosen design partner got it right with the mark for this sub-brand. I might add that Under Consideration usually has excellent entries. [See, for example our pick up on the Brand New entry regarding the re-do of the Saul Bass Girl Scouts logo – A PRIMER IN THE SUBTLETIES OF LOGO DESIGN 7.9.10]

Without further rambling, check this out: Fits Like a (G)love

Logo design example

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