Logo & Poster Design for Cahaba River Fry-Down

Written on September 13, 2010

Mark your calendars. September 25th is the Cahaba River Fry-Down http://www.frydown.com/ benefiting the Cahaba River Society. Have a look at our logo design and poster. We had wanted to print on newsprint, but our printer/copy machine had serious misgivings about it and preferred instead to spit out interesting, colorful little accordion-folded paper pulp sculptures, which, while cool, did a poor job of informing people of the event. By the way, they still have a few slots open for fish-fry contestants… so if you think yourself something of a Gordon Ramsey when it comes to catfish… be sure to sign up. Tickets available online. DOWNLOADABLE POSTER: Poster_12x18ƒ

Poster design for Cahaba River Fry-Down featuring logo design

– Monroe

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