Cayenne Website 3.0: An Introspective

Written on July 30, 2010

Welcome to the new, and greatly improved Cayenne website!

If you get to know us, one thing you’ll come to find out is that we see the creative process more than anything else as an act of learning. Creating this site illustrated that in spades. We learned new things about our process. We learned new things about blogs and tags and architectures. Most of all, we learned things about ourselves. You see, creating your own website is very different from creating one for a client. Being introspective is always harder than being the outside observer.

And then there was this added complication… We’re Cayenne, after all, and so we found ourselves pursing an elusive, ephemeral thing. We found ourselves pursuing (drum roll please) The Perfect Website.

Think about the Andromeda-strain-like evolution of websites over the last few years.

In their earliest incarnations, company sites were little more than digital brochures: pretty pictures and a company pitch. Agency sites were always a little jazzier – but, for the most part, they shared one notion in common with every other company site: they were monological. We, the companies, were speaking TO you the visitors.

Now, over the last few short years, we’ve seen monologue replaced with dialogue. Companies are taking big steps toward bridging the chasm of geography and engaging individuals in conversation. Big steps indeed. So big, in fact, they require some soul searching: Are we ready to open up for dialogue? Are we ready to devote some of our incredibly rare time to generating content on an ongoing basis? And what does the perfect website look like? Will it show all of our work? Some of it? How will we highlight the most current work? Who will blog? Will everybody blog? How will we share our passion with our visitors? How will we manage all of that? WILL we manage all of that? How will this site represent our personality – our brand???

You see, NOW the site had become a voice of dialogue, a personal engagement – a very different thing from its monological predecessors. It could no longer be the impersonal brochure, for now it bore the responsibility of being a PART OF US, not external to us.

So, we went through multiple iterations. Each was great. None was perfect. And as we marched on, trying each time to raise our own bar a little bit higher – to give this site a personality that felt like part of us, we came to this conclusion: we are all works in progress; our websites are no different. Yes the website is personal. And, yes, it is like a part of us. BUT, like a person, the site is dynamic and ever changing. And further like a person, it will never ever, ever be perfect. It will engage in dialogue. It will open us up to communicate freely and passionately with our visitors. And it will be great. Not perfect. For, perfect, we came to understand, when it comes to websites and people, is the mortal enemy of great.

Welcome to our great new website

– Monroe